Set Goals and Get It Done

Figuring out what needs to get done and actually pulling it off can be two different challenges. Crises can dominate the week and wreak havoc with your plan. Here are some tips from successful organizers about setting ambitious goals and being dogged about winning.

Reality Check

It’s difficult to set a realistic goal for your local or campaign if you don’t know where you stand now. Don’t go on a feeling; get the real information and know how many activists, members or “yes” votes you really have.

Details Matter

Ambitious goals should be backed up by detailed planning about what it’s going to take to get there. Who’s going to do it? When can it get done? How many home visits? How many days and people?

Set Short Time frames

Commit to the shortest time possible! Short time periods create urgency and get people to focus on the goal. 

Test It and Assess It 

Test your plan, get the results, learn and do it again. Short time periods produce results (good or bad) quickly, so you can learn faster.


Track progress daily and weekly. Sweat the small stuff and don’t let hours, days or weeks go by without knowing exactly where you stand on your plan.

People Matter 

Whether it’s an internal organizing committee, staff or member organizers, people get the work done (or not.) Make sure the people needed to succeed understand the plan and see how to reach the goal.