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About the Organizing Institute

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For more than 25 years, the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute (OI) has recruited, trained and developed tens of thousands of union members and staff union organizers. We are proud that the alumni of the OI are leading the fight to build power for working people in unions and allied organizations around the country.

Today, we support our mission to promote the craft of organizing through training programs for beginner and lead organizers, an Apprenticeship program, and on-going collaboration with unions to share successful approaches to organizing and strategic campaigns.


The OI Apprentice Program fuels the pipeline by recruiting and training entry-level union organizers of diverse backgrounds into the labor movement.  Apply Here


The OI 3-Day Training brings union members and new organizers together to learn and practice basic campaign and organizing skills. Check out upcoming dates and locations. 


The OI Advanced Organizing Workshop, field clinics and organizer exchanges are the result of collaboration with unions focused on the development of lead organizers.  Registration through union recommendation only.  Contact the Organizing Institute for more information