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Components of Successful Campaigns

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Do your research and then get a plan. Think through what you need to know, what opposition you might face, what strategies will be successful and what questions you should ask.

representative leadership committee 

The leadership committee will be the foundation for a strong local union during the organizing campaign, first contract and beyond.


Assess progress frequently and at each benchmark of the campaign. Is our committee representative and big enough? Has the groundwork been laid to help us reach majority support?  

one-on-one outreach plan

Talk with and get the support of a majority of people in the workplace. Have a one-on-one conversation with every single person to create an open two-way communication and connect people to each other.


This is where democracy and activism start. Involve as many people as possible in each action. Find something for everyone.

leadership committee front and center

Theleaders of the committee are the faces and voices of the union!


Don’t wait for an election or contract to start making a difference. Are there opportunities now to make improvements, to have an impact in the workplace or a problem to solve? Do it together and show how power in numbers works

Details, details, details

Pay attention, stay organized and have a plan to win at every stage of the campaign.

organizing NEVER STOPS

The same organizing principles that help us form a union are the ones that will help us win strong contracts and build power for the next generation!