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Keep Track of Details

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Mapping it out can help you get the big picture and see how it all fits together. But don’t forget that there are lots of individual people with experiences, opinions, fears and passions that make up that map!


Creating a list of all the people in the organizing campaign, regardless of their opinions and level of interest or activity, is critical to helping the group get to where it wants to go. For example:

  • How does each person feel about overtime (or other issues)?
  • What concerns or questions do they have about the organizing drive?
  • What role do they want to play in the union?

We’re creating a democratic organization to build power for working people. Understanding how each individual person fits into that effort and what they care about is important to making that work.


Here are some ways that leadership committee and organizers track the details and maximize participation in the campaign:

  • Maintain an accurate list of all the people involved.
  • Keep track of workplace info: department, unit, job title, shift, etc.
  • Know where to reach people: at work, at home, in the community.
  • Use wall charts to help visualize how people interact in the workplace.
  • Map out other relationships and shared interests that people have.

Update your work daily

Things change, we meet new people, there's a lot to keep track of. Make it a habit to update lists and contacts every day. 


PDF iconSample Organizing Contact Sheet for Visits
PDF iconTemplate for Tracking Debriefs