Learn and Strategize with a Team

During an organizing campaign, people are involved in many different tasks. Because of the urgent pace of an organizing drive, it is easy to go from one task to the next without stopping to think about what has happened. 

What’s the point?

Debriefing is a way to share information but also an opportunity to learn and improve. Whether we’re talking about a house visit conversation or a large workplace mobilization, debriefing is a valuable tool. 

  • Debriefs are an opportunity to reflect on our experiences. What are we learning about the work being done and the individuals involved?
  • Debriefs can yield invaluable information about how to proceed in the future and help your organization sustain gains and overcome challenges.

How Can Debriefs Be Used?

Debriefs can be used to reflect on an entire campaign or project, win or lose, so we learn from our collective experiences. Build in debriefs:

  • At the end of an organizing committee meeting.
  • After a campaign action or mobilization.
  • At the conclusion of a task or house visit.
  • On a daily basis to stay on top of campaign progress and help learn from everyone’s work and experience.


How to Run Great Debriefs
Template for Tracking Debriefs