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Trying to Get the Picture? Map It Out

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Before starting a campaign figure out who’s who.

Ask a lot of questions

Before you make a plan to involve others, figure out what you and your team already know. This will help in creating an outreach plan at the beginning of the campaign. It's also a good tool to utilize at any point in the campaign when you need to take stock…including during the first contract and beyond.

  • Who do we know already?   
  • Who do we need to talk to?  
  • Where do they work?  
  • Who else do they know?
  • What's important to them?
  • What do they think about joining together to form a union?
  • What questions do they have?

Map out what you know

Whether it’s on a Microsoft Excel sheet, database or butcher paper on the wall, map out all the people that your team needs to reach and involve in the organizing campaign. A list is good, a “map” that connects people is better!


  • At work by job, department, unit or team; work location, work schedule or shift.
  • In life by interests, talents, families, neighborhoods, churches, clubs, children and friendships.


PDF iconStarting a Campaign: Questions to Ask
PDF iconMap Out Your Workplace PDF icon(Spanish version)
PDF iconSWOT Analysis to Plan Your Campaign PDF icon(Spanish version)