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Can We Win?

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We know that an active representative leadership committee and a one-on-one outreach program are the keys to winning the campaign and building a strong local union. Are we ready to take the next step?

  • Is our committee representative and big enough?
  • Do we feel trained and prepared to talk to others and understand the plan to win?
  • Do we have enough information about our co-workers' opinions to believe that we can build majority support for joining together to form a union?
  • What will our employer do when we kick off our campaign?
  • How should we prepare ourselves and others?

Tools to WIN

At every stage of the campaign, honest assessmentsand debriefs are important tools to help us evaluate progress, deal with obstacles and plan our next steps. Keeping track of details will be critical to making it work.


PDF iconCreating and Using an Assessment Tool
PDF icon Strategies for Confronting a Negative Employer Campaign
PDF iconChecklist for Taking the Campaign Public