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Even among our leadership committee, we have different reasons to organize. But we all share something in common: We are stronger together.

What Should We say?

Here are some of the ways we should be connecting with people around organizing in our workplaces:

  • Talking about shared values and a vision we can accomplish together. 
  • Finding ways to connect with each other's personal experiences.
  • Showing what we have in common and why we should join together.

PDF iconDevelop a Message
PDF iconTips for Effective Communication

How to say it

The #1 communication tool in an organizing campaign is a face-to-face conversation between two people about what we value, what’s getting in the way and how we can work together to make a change.

PDF iconSample Agenda for a One-on-One Organizing Conversation

Who should say it?

The best messengers are the people who are organizing the union themselves. Once we are armed with the facts, who else can better connect our vision with the practical steps it takes to organize our union?

PDF iconTemplate for Testimonials

What about email? 

The #1 communication tool in an organizing campaign is a face-to-face conversation….

But, if you need to put it on paper (or an email, leaflet or social media) don’t go online to find slogans about unions or get an “expert” to tell people what “the union can do for them.” Keep your message connected to the people who care about the union campaign the most.

How to Choose: Guide to Digital Media

What they will say about you?

Employers who oppose unions will be ready to characterize “the union” as an outsider. This can be an effective weapon that you can thwart by making sure your leadership committee and the people who support it get their voices heard.  

PDF iconWhat Will My Boss Say? PDF icon(Spanish version)
PDF iconOrganize for Power! Neutralize Anti-Union Messages